A photo booth in your pocket

A photo booth in your pocket

launch your virtual photo experience today!

mobile friendly
No app to download

connect your community worldwide

Run campaigns for a day or over a year

set your target
measure results

What is a virtual photo experience?

OMG’s Virtual Photo Experiences pack the power of a modern photo booth into everyone’s favorite and most accessible camera… their smartphone. Guests can snap + share photos in a framed designed embellished with your branding and messaging. Watch as your community interacts with your brand like never before from anywhere in the world. Mobile-friendly, no app to download.

OMG Booth brings people together, creates memories, and brand those moments for our clients.
Your community is the front line for telling your story. Our virtual photo experiences provide the platform for them to share through photos and videos.

Check out what we did for others

Check out what we did for others

Silence the Shame is a nonprofit organization that focuses on education and awareness around mental health. Leading up to this year’s National Silence the Shame Day on May 5th, STS partnered with OMG Booth to allow their community to participate in the conversation. As their audience shared images with the STS frame their message was amplified across the web. Each image was a call to action for that individuals friends, branded with STS’s logo, messaging, website, and instructions on how to donate via SMS.

OMG Virtual experience features

Wondering whether a virtual photo experience is perfect for your brand… Of course it is, but checkout our features anyway.

cloud based

OMG Booth lives in the cloud and is built for mobility. Just like your audience, you’ll be able to access your campaign from anywhere with a web connection and never any app to download.

built to scale

Whether you’re planning a private event or a national campaign, our platform is built on the back of the industries most trusted cloud-based servers insuring uncompromised performance during your activation.

Quick and Easy Setup

Your Virtual Experience can be launched within 24 hours. Our team of designers can provide templates for a successful activation or build your entire campaign in-house with your direction.

Unique designs

Our team of designers will work with you to craft an experience that inspires creativiy, encourages participation, and builds awareness.

capture photos

Smile + Snap + Share… Seems too easy right? But that’s it. Your audience can start creating content using their smartphone camera or choosing their favorite photo from their gallery.

record videos

There is no better way to promote your brand than with a video. By their very nature, videos are more able to convey a sense of story-telling than their still counterparts.


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